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    A Million Versus One (FFWC #4 Champion)

    FFWC Champion!
    FFWC Champion!

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    A Million Versus One (FFWC #4 Champion)

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:38 am

    I grew up at a small family with me, my mom and my dad. I don't have any siblings so I'm used to having my parents attention all to myself.
    A lot of people have noticed how close I am to my father and how distant I am to my mother. I'm not even sure myself why I'm so attached to
    my father. I just noticed how much we have in common.

    He seems to know exactly what to do when I'm bursting into tears. He knows exactly what to say how to make things better and make me smile
    even though I wanted to cry so badly. It's like he knows me inside and out.

    As time passes by, I grew up, slowly having my own life. I still am attached to my father, although I usually consult my problems with my
    mother these days. But, when days and times get tough, my father is always the hero for me. I kept running back to his strong, warm arms
    to comfort myself. It's like nothing can harm me when I'm inside the warmth of his arms. I feel not only contentment, but also assurance.

    As I approach my teenage years, being a girl, I happen to keep things from my father. The female stuff that I'm to embarrassed to share to
    him. He never asked me anything though. I asked him once.

    "Aren't you curious about me these days?"

    "Oh sweety, of course I am. But, it's your life. I don't have the right to barge in. I will just wait for you right here to listen to your
    stories and will help with your problems." was his answer. A smile was all I can give him.

    I faced difficulties in studies. He didn't scold me or blamed me for anything. Whenever things don't turn out the way I want them to be,
    he'll give me a tight hug and whisper to my ears, "Failures are what serves as a lesson. All you have to do is do your best the next time
    and keep in mind the lessons you've learned." and just with those few words, my spirit was lifted up.

    It's amazing how many times I've made distances to my father and always ended up crying like a child in his arms. No matter how old I get,
    I'll always long for his kindness, warmth, understanding. I couldn't imagine life without him. Without his lame jokes that seems to knock
    me off from laughing, his hands that seems to know just where to tickle me when my friends almost used a compass rose just to locate them,
    His few words that always means a lot, and his voice that always sounds like a lullaby.

    And if I will have a second life, and God will allow me to pick my own father, I know that I will always pick the same person over and over
    again for I know that even if you lay a billion identical father in front of me, my young innocent heart will always lead me to the person
    who I call, MY FATHER.

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