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    Watashi Ni XX Shinasai


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    Watashi Ni XX Shinasai

    Post  Auntie on Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:01 am

    Yukina Himuro, under the guise of "Yupina" when writing her cell phone novels, is a girl in high school that everybody is scared of when they come across her due to her sharp eyes and cold skin, resulting in other students calling her the "Snow Woman". The school council president and also Yukina's classmate, Shigure Katami, is the ideal student and a good role model (or so everybody thinks). He was well-liked by everybody around him, including the teachers, but was deemed boring by Yukina. He also keeps a journal that lists all the girls in his new class, the places they confessed at, and how they were dumped. Shigure uses girls for his own entertainment, but when Yukina finds out about this "secret", she forces him to love-act for her novels, in which people want more romance in.


    Yukina Himuro - is under the name 'Yupina' when she writes her secret phone novels. She has sharp and cold eyes and loves to stare at people, which makes them scared at her - in reality she only observes them to have ideas on her phone novel and her eyes are already naturally like that. She is also very innocent on things especially about love, and she thinks that things about it are as natural as everyday jokes.

    Shigure Kitami - Yukina's classmate, and also the student council president. He is a very good role model: a good student, a good citizen, came from a rich family, and also has the good looks, everything is almost perfect on him that girls (and even teachers and elders) thinks that he is flawless, and is being admired by everyone. But despite all this is his actually suspicious side. He has this very selfish personality, and thinks that as long as he does this and that, life is much easier and there's no need to worry about.

    Akira Shimotsuki - Yukina's cousin. He has been on Yukina's side ever since they were young and were promised and determined to protect each other until the end. He is also the only person who knows about Yupina's real identity and her phone novel. Although Yukina loves him as a cousin, Akira loves her more than that and wants Shigure to be replaced as a love model for Yukina.

    Mami Mizuno - Shigure's childhood friend. She has a very weak health and a very gentle girl. She is also very popular among the boys and is being envied by the girls at their school for being very close with Shigure. She also has a dark side, although it might be only because of her jealousy upon Yukina for being close with Shigure aside from herself.

    SPOILER (please highlight the space below to read)
    Shigure started to distance himself from Yukina after seeing that she was being okay with Akira even after kissing the nape of her neck in front him. But Yukina was actually hurt with Shigure doing it, although she doesn't realize it. Then Yukina haves a dream, and when she woke up, she saw Shigure in front of her. Shigure, realizing it, walks away, when Yukina called him back and said that all she wanted is for him to be by her side even for just a minute. Shigure hugs her tightly, and after the ring bells, he walk away. Then Mami shows up, her tears are overflowing although she is actually smiling. She cannot hide her feelings anymore.
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    Re: Watashi Ni XX Shinasai

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:55 am

    [colo=red]Waaaaa! Watashini!!
    I LOVE this manga... especially the latest, and the current extra..XD
    About the latest chapter, I've never read such a stressful chapter in a manga like this! Gosh!X.X[/color]


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