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    Museum and Galleries

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    Museum and Galleries

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:42 pm

    Everyone is FREE to post and share their artwokrs.
    And for this, each Gallery and Musuem will also have their rankings.


    1.Each new museum/gallery will be given 1 pont. Unlike the FC points, the points given to you will never be removed.

    2.A museum/gallery will gain points for every 5 visitors they will have. (by visitors I mean Forumers that will comment your art). The visitors must not be the same person.

    3.The points will only be given by the ADMIN and MODS.

    To Gain More points

    1.We will have an Art Exhibit that will last for 2 weeks. This is where a theme is given and you will make an art related to it. The visitors will vote the most beautiful art and will be declared winner and shall gain 10 points.

    2.The top museum/gallery will have a banner shown in his/her page. The more banner you get, the more chance you can get the TOP RANK

    3.Top Rank can be achieved once the museum/gallery has recieved a total of 100 banners. The prize will only be announced when you've gained this rank.

    And with this, I hope to see your artworks!
    Questions and comments are also welcome here, so, post away! Smile

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