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    First Step (FFWC #3 winning entry)

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    First Step (FFWC #3 winning entry)

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:16 am

    I’ve always loved the summer vacation. We always go to different resorts to swim and have fun and enjoy summer. I can’t believe today’s the last day of summer! Here I am, fixing everything I need for tomorrow. When I finished, I lie on bed and fell asleep.

    The next morning, I was awakened by my alarm clock. Irritated, I turned it off and went back to sleep. Remembering that today was already the first day of classes made my jolt upright and quickly rushes into the bathroom. I took a bath, brushed my teeth and wore my new uniform. It’s weird wearing a new one since your entering a new high school though. I went downstairs to eat my breakfast and left.

    Upon entering the school gates, I’m so surprised for a lot of people were there already. I felt so small with all the unfamiliar faces around me. I heard the morning bells rang and quickly followed everyone to an auditorium. I’m guessing that’s where the ceremony’s going to be held.

    I got nervous the moment I saw everyone taking their sit. I wondered where I’m going to sit when I heard someone shouting, “All the freshmen! Please fall in line here!” relieved, I went to where the woman was pointing to and fall in line.

    Since I have problems from listening to long speeches, I didn’t really understood what the principal was saying and noticing that each freshman was going up the stage made me nervous. I watched them as they went up the stairs and getting something from the principal. When it was my turn already, I just kept in mind what the others did and successfully received my badge. It has a gold letter “F” on it with wings on each side. I guess that’s the school’s logo then, although the statue outside was only a person that has a bird’s wings.

    I entered the classroom that was assigned to me. I sat on the chair near the window way at the back of the room. I felt so lonely and small since the people around me seem to know each other. To ease my loneliness, I stared outside. A few students greeted me good morning and of course I greeted them back with a smile.

    A man entered the room as the bells rang again. Everybody took their seat and kept quiet. I noticed the man in front wrote something on the board and said, “Good morning everyone! My name is Professor Sakurano Tachibana. We’ll start our homeroom by giving each one of you a chance to introduce yourselves. Starting with you.” and pointed to the guy on his right.

    Well, since I wasn’t listening, again, I didn’t realize that it was my turn already. I stood up with my head slightly bent so that no one can see my face. I plan to hide my face blushing. “My… My name is Misaki Ayu, 15 years old and I love summer. I don’t have many hobbies except reading books. Please take care of me this year!” bowed and sat back in my chair.

    Lunch break came and as I was bringing my bento out, three girls approached me. Each of them was holding bentos too.

    “Can we join you Misaki-san?” the girl in the middle asked.

    “Sure… I guess.” I answered and the three of them ate lunch with me.

    “My name is Riku. Oh yeah, can I have some of you tempura???” the girl in my left said with her eyes sparkling so I gave her one tempura. She has short brown hair and eyes dark as her hair. She’s pretty for a normal girl.

    “Ri-chan that’s not nice!” the girl in my right shouted at Riku as she put some egg rolls in my bento. “That’s in exchange for the tempura. By the way, my name’s Sakura.” She added with a smile. She has hair as pink as the Sakura’s and no doubt as beautiful as it is too.

    “Both of you please! Sorry about this Misaki-san, my name is Megumi. It’s nice to meet you!” the girl in the middle said. She was read headed and eyes as red as her hair.

    “Nice to meet you too… Uhmm… Megumi.” I said, feeling a bit awkward.

    “Ne, ne, can we call you Ayu-chan instead??” Riku asked. When I still didn’t answer, she added, “Areh? Too soon?”

    “Iie… It’s fine to call me that. R-ri-chan…” I said, blushing.

    The three of them stared at me. I was thinking maybe calling Riku Ri-chan like them was a bad idea. When I was about to say sorry, Riku suddenly hugged me.

    “Ayu-chan so kawaii when she blushes!” she shouted. Everyone looked our way and I blushed even more. “This is so embarrassing!” I thought as I hid my face on Riku’s hair.

    Riku stood up and went behind me. She pulled my long black hair and faced me to everyone. Seeing all of them staring at me made me blush, again. “Kyaaaaahhh!” was all I can say.

    “Minna, look! Isn’t Ayu-chan such a kawaii?” Riku asked.

    “You’re right Ri-chan, she’s very cute! Now, please let go of her, look how scared she is!” Sakura said. I couldn’t thank her enough for doing that.

    “Areh?” Riku said as she went in front of me to look at me. “Souka... Gomen ne Ayu-chan! Here, tempura!” she said as she held a tempura and of course I ate it.

    Lunch ended, thank god! The rest of the day was boring. I’m not really enthusiastic with academics. When the bell rang indicating the end of class, I was relieved. I fixed my things, getting ready to go back home when Riku, Megumi and Sakura asked if they can walk home together with me today and I said yes.

    We walk home together and we parted ways at the convenient store a few blocks away.

    “This is where we are, Ayu-chan, do you live nearby?” Riku asked.

    “Yes, I live a few blocks away from here. Why?”

    “Yokatta! Ne, can we walk to school together tomorrow?” she asked as she clung onto my arm. I can’t believe how cute she was just like a little kid.

    “Sure! Then, shall we meet here tomorrow then?” I said with a smile. My first real smile for the day.

    “Kawaii! Yes! See you tomorrow Ayu-chan!” Riku said and left with Megumi and Sakura.

    “Yeah, see you!”

    I went home and felt happy. I imagined my day to be awkward and sad but it turned out to be the opposite. I made new friends and I hope to make a few more. I took a night bath and went to bed. I can’t wait to be with Ri-chan and the others tomorrow. This is gonna be my first step!

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