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    More than Meets the Eye (FFWC #2 Winning Entry)

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    More than Meets the Eye (FFWC #2 Winning Entry)

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Mon May 31, 2010 11:17 am

    My names Kanata Osugi, 15 years old. I go to an all boy school in Tokyo. Our house is near the school which is a reason I decided to go there. I have been studying there since grade-school. People say I am a very quiet, sporty and somehow cold-hearted. I'm not really sure about the cold-hearted part though.

    My most hated event is Valentine’s Day. This is the day girls show up out of the blue to give me their homemade chocolates. I don't have the heart to refuse them so I accept them and give them to my sisters at home. They seem to enjoy them so I never forget to thank the girls who gave them to me when I see them. I guess the smile they give me was their welcome.

    Cultural Festival is a bit harsh for me too. Every Cultural Festival, the school invites people from other school to celebrate with us. It's like we have an open-house event. I was always nominated to be the Culture Festival King candidate so I was always obliged to wear a prince costume. Maybe it was the costume that makes the girls clung on to me or the other guys were right about something: "your one hot heartthrob!"

    This was my yearly routine. Nothing is changing and it's kind of getting dull. Until this year, a new transferee arrived and was assigned to our section. He was tall, has a brunette-spiky hair, his eyes were blue and intense. His shoulders were a bit broad. His voice was quite deep as he said "Nice to meet you all!" and bowed to everyone.

    The teacher asked him to tell something about himself. "I am Rei Akazuki, 15 years old. A lot of people say I'm a happy-go-lucky guy buy I'm not so sure. One thing I'm sure of is that I'm a proud feminist!" was his words as he smiled to everyone.

    These words really got my attention. It really seems funny to me 'cause I never believed at feminist people. That kind of person seems more like a dream in our modern world.

    "Yo Kanata! I think you have a competition standing in front!" my classmates said and a smile was my reply.

    A week has passed since that guy's arrival. He joined us at lunch today too. Rei was being friendly to everyone I suppose. He was right about him being a happy-go-lucky person, it seems like he doesn't have a care in the world. I was still deep in thought when he talked to me. He introduced himself and i did the same. Before I knew it, we were already getting along.

    We started hanging out. Going to karaoke bars with friends for fun and helping with homework too. As time flies, we haven't even noticed that we became the best of friends. We were best friends alright; however, we are so different from each other it's amazing we even get along.

    He likes to listen to hard rock music, especially when it's through headphones. I hate it when he put those headphones on my ears to listen to his hard rock music for it makes my ear hurt a lot but he seem to enjoy it. I like to listen to classical music which makes my brain relax. I guess classical music makes him so relaxed that he always fell asleep whenever he listens to them.
    Library always kills him from boredom while I always enjoy myself reading. He prefers to sleep that hold a book, especially when the book's thick.

    "How can you enjoy such a boring thing?" was his words to me.

    "It's not boring! It's fascinating!" was my answer and he just tapped my head.

    Most of all, he loves valentines and our Cultural Festival. Especially being the Culture Fest King candidate. And like always, I am a candidate too so we both have to wear a prince costume. We had a close fight. However, I still won by 2 points up. Unlike me, he kindly declines chocolates from girls on Valentine’s Day and somehow those declined chocolates ends up being given to me so my take-home chocolates doubled since I can't refuse them.

    Days have passed and we became as close as brothers. He also started to call my mom Auntie and he calls me Lil' Bro. now. Funny as it seems, he became the most important person to me too. It's like I don't need anything else whenever he's with me. He simply completes me.

    People also noticed our unexpected closeness. They even told us that us being friends was impossible as being close as brothers. Rei would just smile to them as he told them "Well, expect the unexpected!". His sentence made my heart skip a beat which was a bit weird for me. It was also the time when I began to feel confused.

    Being together with him, spending time with him makes me happy. I would rather sit and watch him sleep in a library than to read a book. And then I finally asked myself: "Am I even allowed to fall in love with him?"

    Field trip came and the school went to Yokohama and heaven bless me for my roommate is Rei. I am so happy I feel like running 10 laps 50 times.

    "I'm glad my roommate’s my lil' bro!" he told me. These words made my chest hurt a bit. The best reply I could give him was a smile and he gave me a usual pat on the head.

    We played volleyball on the beach too. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt while Rei was wearing only his swimming trunks with no shirt at all. Seeing his body undress made me blush. I guess he noticed it 'cause he asked me if I was feeling sick for I was bright red.

    "No, just fine. It's the heat that makes me red." was my reply and cursed his observant eyes in my mind.

    While playing volleyball, curse the heavens for making my leg cramp that made me faint 'cause of tremendous pain. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Rei's face which is so lose to me that made my heart sprint inside my chest and I felt myself blush.

    "You okay?" he asked with his most gentle voice.

    "Y-yeah..." was all I can manage to tell him. I hoped and prayed that he wouldn't hear my fast heartbeat for it sounded too loud for me.

    It was the same time that I began to hate myself. I found out that I was really in love with him. My mind panicked and thought unconsciously: "I can't fall in love with him! I simply can't! I have to stop before I completely fall for him!"

    Days have passed since I forced myself to stop falling for Rei for it felt wrong. But, as hard as I try, the more I fell for him. Giving up, I just hid my feelings for him and loved him from a distance.

    I was glad to have made this decision. I was communicating with Rei much better than before. Although hiding my fast heartbeat and blushing was a hard task, it was worth it. Breathing is now much easier to do when I'm with him too.

    Today's my birthday and Rei was sweet enough to remember it. But even better, he gave me a dog tag necklace which has an engraved name of Rei Akazuki. I was puzzled for it doesn't bear my name but Rei's and thought he made a mistake.

    "I think you made a mistake Rei... This one's got your name on it." I said as I pointed at my necklace.

    He took something out of his shirt that he was wearing on his neck and showed it to me as he said: "Perfect match!" as he pointed at it.

    I got closer and read the name engraved on his dog tag. It has the name Kanata Osugi... But wait! That's my name!

    Then, he took my dog tag, still around my neck and pressed it on his dog tag. Suddenly, it glowed red and blue. Mine was red and his was blue.

    "Performs magic too! Happy 16th birthday bro!" he said as he smiled at me. How I love that smile of his that the sight of it makes me melt.

    I swear that this day is the most... No... Best birthday I ever had! To celebrate it with Rei makes it even better!

    This year's summer is so hot it feels like the sun is frying you up even if you’re inside the house. I had a phone call from Rei praise God!

    "Yo! Kanata!" Rei said over the phone. His voice is still beautiful even on the phone.

    "Yeah?" I asked.

    "Doing anything today?"

    "No... I'm free... What's up?"

    "Don't you feel the sun's heat dude?!"

    "Actually, I'm dying from it... Why?"

    "Want to go to the beach before you die from heat stroke?"

    "Yeah you bet! What time?"

    "Great! Wait for me. I'll pick you up!" he said and hung up.

    I hung up the phone and went up to my room. There, i ran around my room for 3 minutes in panic. After I've calm myself down, I sat on the floor to think. I am going to the beach with Rei and I don't know what to do or what to wear. I am so sure that Rei's going to wear only his swimming trunks when we get there.

    After 5 minutes, I looked at the clock. Rei's gonna be here soon to pick me up. Before I start another panicked-jog around my room, I decided to look outside my window and there I saw Rei waiting on our front gate.

    Still in a panic, I opened my window and shouted at him: "Wait a sec!" then I changed my clothes, got a bag and put some clothes I could get from my closet. I got back to the window and shouted again: "I'll be right down!" and I closed the window and left to meet him on the front gate.

    It was weird for a beach to be so silent when it's summer. All I can hear was the wind and the splash of the waves.

    Rei fixed a tent for the two of us and a big umbrella near the shore. He also laid down two pieces of cloth for us to sit on. Each cloth was big enough for one person to sleep on.

    After he finished fixing everything, he took off his clothes and now only his swimming trunks are on. I was wearing my usual swimming t-shirt and shorts. The sight of him made my knees shake.

    I was half happy because I get to have Rei all to me and half scared because thanks to the isolated beach, and Rei's swimming fashion, I think I'm falling more in love with him. Oh how I hate myself!

    I enjoyed the beach and my time with Rei. I was so thankful that Rei invited me to go to the beach. And also, thankful to all the people that decided not to go today which left me and Rei alone. At last! I was able to see Rei's smiling face for a whole day!

    It's already afternoon when we decided to take a rest before going home. Rei is now wearing his sky blue jacket, unzipped, to protect himself from the cold afternoon breeze. I was in peace when Rei approached me and got something out of his jacket's pocket. It was a scissor.

    "What's that for?!" I asked, scared.

    "You'll see!" he answered.

    And then, surprisingly, he pulled me to him with all his strength and hugged me tight.

    I got my eyes closed the whole time. Slowly, Rei got his hand which held the scissor under the back of my shirt and had cut something there. The cloth which I use to make my chest as flat as a man's chest fell to the ground. My chest now has its normal shape: a woman's chest. After this, Rei got his hand out of my shirt and laid it on my head; he held my hair, pulled it away and threw it. It gave way to my long blond hair, my hair dropped to its full length of waist line, and then, he finally let go of me.

    "Feel better being you?" he asked.

    I looked at him, puzzled. I looked down and saw two lumps on my chest. I put my hands on my head and felt my long hair, and then I asked: "How did you know?"

    He chuckled and answered "I told you. I'm a feminist. The way you move, your handwriting, the way you speak marks a female body and soul. You can't fool me dear." then he smiled at me.

    I stayed silent. A lot of things are running inside my head right now. And then, Rei continued his sentence.

    "And also, I'm not a gay you know! I don't fall in love with a person who has the same gender as me!" and this got me looking at him.

    "What do you mean?" I asked, my heart pounding on my ribs.

    He smiled and said as he looked into my eyes "I love you!"

    I was so surprised at what he told me that I don't know what to answer or what to do. Then, I felt my tears falling.

    "Why on earth are you crying for?" Rei asked gently as he touched my cheek.

    "You have no idea how happy I am now I know that you love me...." I answered.


    "Because..." I said and looked at him "...I love you too!"

    Rei smiled at me and hugged me tight. I was so happy, and so is the setting sun.

    After my most memorable afternoon, Rei and I went home together. I was happy to be with Rei in my true self: a woman.
    When we arrived at our house, my mom met me at the gate and was surprised at what she saw.

    "I've never seen your female figure ever since your brother died..." she said as she put her hand over her mouth then continued "Look at you! You've turned into a wonderful woman without anyone’s notice!" then she hugged me.

    "Excuse me Auntie but… I want to know... What is the reason for Kanata's charade?" Rei asked my mom.

    "Let's go inside and I'll tell you." my mom said and we all went inside the house.

    My sisters were all happy to see me again... The real me at least. They all hugged me and shouted the words big sister repeatedly. They said that they missed calling me that.

    Everyone sat on the living room and my mom became serious as she looked at Rei. She closed her eyes for a while then opened them again.

    "Kanata here is not actually my eldest child. I had a son older than her. My eldest son's name is Kanata. My daughter here is named Kana." my mom began. I never realized how I missed being called Kana since now.

    "Kanata was the one who gave Kana her name. Kana was his most favorite sister. Kanata and Kana were always together. They even sleep together. There isn't a time you'll see them apart. Kanata's favorite sport is horseback riding. Kana's always with him when he's practicing. Kana has seen every competition Kanata joined. They were so happy together. It's like nothing can go wrong. Until..." mother said as she looked at me. I just nodded for her to continue.

    "One day, Kanata was practicing his horseback riding as usual. The horse was running fast when suddenly Kana ran towards him. Kanata had to stop the horse quickly to avoid running over Kana. By doing this, Kanata lost his balance and fell to the ground head first. Blood didn't come out from his head and when we got him to a hospital, he's already dead. Kana was so depressed at what happened to her brother. She won't eat a thing. She's blaming herself for the death of her brother. Right then and there, she decided to live her life as her brother to continue his lost life, hopes and dreams. That's the reason Kana's been living half of her life as a boy." my mom explained. Then, she stood up and went to touch Rei's hand.

    "Thanks to you, my dear, Kana's back to her true self." she told Rei then walked towards me and hugged me.

    "Kana my love, the death of you brother wasn't your fault. I know that if your brother is still alive, he wouldn't like you to live in false life." then she looked into my eyes and continued "If you want to continue your brother's dream, please do it as Kana. You've already lived half of your life as Kanata; don't you think the other half is deserved by Kana? I'm sure your brother would like that better for you." then she smiled at me.

    "I'd like that better too. I don't like to date another boy in public you know" Rei teased as he playfully rubbed the end of my hair in his forefinger and thumb.

    And for eleven years, I have finally forgiven myself and chose to live my life as Kana. Rei and I are now going to a university in Tokyo.

    Two years have passed since Rei and I graduated. And in two hours the wedding ceremony will start. I am preparing myself for that when Rei entered the room. He is wearing a white tuxedo that suits him perfectly. His hair is tidy like a businessman's. He walked up to me and kissed me.

    "You're soon to be my wife." he said as he ran his fingers on my cheek.

    "I feel like I already am." I replied as I closed my eyes for a while and opened them again.

    He smiled at me then became serious again. He held my face in his hands then said:

    "It doesn't matter if you ended up choosing to be Kanata or Kana. I will still love you. That's because no one sees you the way I do. For that, I know, there's always more to you than meets the eye!" then, he kissed me ever so sweetly and left.

    The ceremony was beautiful. Rei and I exchanged vows to each other and wore our wedding rings. I’ve never seen him so happy, and serious.

    "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." the priest said.

    Rei hugged me and kissed me at the same time then whispered to my ears: "I do and will always love you forever"

    And now, I am a proud Mrs. Kana Akazuki, once Kanata Osugi.


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