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    Summer Dillema (FFWC #! Winner Entry)

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    Summer Dillema (FFWC #! Winner Entry)

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Thu May 13, 2010 1:44 am

    I woke up wet with sweat this morning. I guess summer really has arrived. I can feel the heat from the sun. I'm not really fond of heat, it makes you all sweaty and smelly all the time.

    It's been our family's tradition to spend the summer vacation at my Grandmother's house. I don't like the place where she lives but her house is amazing. It's big enough for a whole class to play baseball. The view is fine, except for the houses, a bunch of them. A lake is just a few minute's walk too.

    I imagined this vacation to be just like always. The same sights, the same place, the same daily routines. But then, I never expected a new twist in my summer.

    It was when we arrived at Grandma's that I noticed a new house built next to ours. It was in a lime green paint with a huge garden and an elegantly built gate. They have two dogs in the garden looking straight at me. It was a nice house.

    I went up to my room, fixed my things then changed my clothes. I sat on my bed then lay down to have a quick rest. It was a comfy and soft bed. Big enough for three people to sleep on. My room is also quite big for me. What will you expect from a rich old lady huh? The room is painted in white that has a flowery design and the floor is in marble green. It's like walking on meadow. The ceiling is sky blue with a huge chandelier. There was a table across the room, a huge closet, a bathroom, and a small living room in the middle. The door to the terrace is just on the left side of the room.

    I stood up since I can felt myself nearly falling asleep on the bed and went out to the terrace to have a fresh air. A room on the house next to us was clearly seen from our terrace. It must have belonged to a boy because of all the robots and action figures displayed in it. Then, someone entered. He was tall, brown haired boy, and must be the same age as me since his face doesn't look too old yet.

    He glanced my way, smiled then waved at me. Startled, I did the same. Then, he opened his window and sat at the windowsill.

    "Be careful! Get out of there or you might fall down!" I told him, scared. "And it's a long way down too! We're on the second floor here!" I thought since my mouth is shaking.

    "Relax! I'll be fine! anyway, are you new here? I've never seen you in that house before. I thought the old lady lives by herself, I guess not." he told me.

    "Yes, my grandma lives alone here. We're just here for the summer. So I guess I'm not the one you can call new.." I said.

    "I see, the old lady's your grandma then.. So, you have a name?" He asked.

    "It's Sakura, Clyne Sakura. Yours?"

    "Zetsu, Kitsune Zetsu. Nice to meet you Sakura!" he said with a smile, a wonderful smile.

    "Same to you." I said when my dad opened the door and told me it was time to eat. I can feel my stomach growling softly too. I nodded to him then turned to Zetsu.

    "I need to go, see you later!" I told him and left when he nodded and smile.

    At lunch, I asked my grandma about the family living next door. And as expected, she didn't know them since she hardly leave the house. One thing I inherited from her. After the wonderful meal, I went back to my room and check up to see if Zetsu was still in his room. When I found the room empty, I was disappointed so I lay back on my bed instead and fell asleep.

    I was woken up by a knock on my window. I opened my eyes and saw Zetsu waving at me. I got out of bed and went out to the terrace to join him.

    "How did you get here?" I asked when I noticed the great distance between his room and mine.

    "I jumped. Anyway, I'm here to give you this." he said as he handed me a box with a ribbon on top.

    "Jumped?! How?!" I thought when I got the gift from him. "What's this for? It isn't my birthday yet." I told him, confused.

    "A welcome gift. Since you just arrived today, I thought I'd welcome you like a good neighbor. Anyway, I think I disturbed your sleep, I should go now." he said as he sat on the bars, getting ready to jump.

    "Wait! Y-you didn't disturb me. You can stay a little while longer." I said.

    "No, I can't. It's dinner time already and I'm hungry. Your father was trying to wake you up a couple of times to eat dinner but you were sleeping soundly you didn't even turn." he said then he jumped and landed on his windowsil.

    "Wait? A couple of times? And how did he jump all the way there?!" I thought then yelled to him "How long have you been waiting here?"

    "Since I came back!" he said and closed the window.

    "That's not an answer!" I yelled back at him.

    "Who are you yelling at sweetheart?" A voice asked.

    I turned around in surprised and saw my dad standing by the terrace door. "Oh it's you... Good eveing daddy." I said and walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

    "I've been trying to wake you up. We already ate dinner. Are you hungry?" he asked.

    "Yes" I said and we both went down to eat.

    Ever since then, Zetsu has been visiting me every night. He's always waiting for me at the terrace and we stay up until the sun rises up talking about anything. We usually sneak out and go to the lake. He always have something for me. Sometimes a flower, a cake, a ribbon for my hair. Because of this I wake up late in the morning and have my breakfast at lunch time.

    "Why are you waking up so late these days?" my father asked me once.

    "I sleep well these days that I have wonderful dreams, that's why." I said.

    Ever since I became friends with Zetsu, I find everything about this town so amazing. I didn't hate it anymore, in fact, I'm loving it more each day because of him. It's like I don't even want to leave this place again, I wanted to live here forever. But then, summer isn't meant to last forever and tomorrow I need to go back to our hometown.

    "We're going back to our place tomorrow.." I told Zetsu the night before we leave.

    "Really? I guess this will be our last night together huh?" he said.

    Well, this hurts. He doesn't seem to mind it at all. I guess we are only just friends then.

    "I'm gonna miss you!" he said.

    That really surprised me. I blushed when he said that and answered in a broken voice "Me too!"

    And for the first time, I felt my heart being torn apart. I wanted to leave this place but his presence makes me want to stay. I hated this place but because of him I loved it more. I cried at the thought of leaving him here and making me lonely. I couldn't just go away, my heart is here, he has it already.

    "Why are you crying?!" he asked, in a panic.

    His panic made me chuckle. "Nothing. I just felt lonely for some reason."

    He hugged me tight and said "You have no idea about the pain I felt when you said you were leaving tomorrow.... I already love you and you're leaving me already."

    Well, this stinks! He feels the same was as I do. This makes everything more difficult. I can't leave and I can't stay either. What if we run away together? No, that's a bad idea! But, I couldn't just go away. I just can't!

    "I love you Zetsu..." I told him as I hugged him back.

    "I love you more..." he said as he hugged me tighter.

    His arms wrapped around me made me want to implant myself right here and stay forever. I never liked this feeling, the feeling of dilemma. I was never a type of person to choose between stuff. I hated choices, I really do. But the choices I have now are different. I loved this person with me and I also love the place I left behind, it's my home after all. But, it's him that made me felt at home. The night ended and I was useless. My dad packed up my things and we were ready to leave when Zetsu went out to see me.

    I introduced him to my father and he nodded. Zetsu lead me to a tree nearby and gave me something.

    "A farewell gift. You'll come back though, right?" he said.

    "Of course I will. You're here after all." I told him and he kissed me.

    I felt pain peircing through my heart. I can't believe I'm being torn apart like this. My dad called me and I left him there under the tree. I never realized that the tree was a sakura. I saw his face when our car left, it was in pain and he was struggling with tears. I burst into tears as his face disappeared into the houses. It felt like leaving everything behind. My heart, my soul, it's like I left them there with him. My heart was being crushed slowly and painfully.

    "What's wrong sweetheart? Are you okay? Are you in pain?" my dad asked.

    "I'm fine.." I said with a broken voice. Damn right I'm in pain, a lot of pain! But, what can I do?! I cried until my tears put my to sleep.

    I had a dream that Zetsu and I were at the lake. We were together, just the way I wanted to be forever. Then, the wind washed him away and I was alone. I was helpless. My heart almost stopped beating from the pain. There's nothing I can do. I just need to carry on and wait until next summer. But, can I really manage? Of course I can't. Zetsu already had a tight grasp at my heart and I'll always be longing for him, everything about him. This school year will be a struggle, I can feel it.


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    Re: Summer Dillema (FFWC #! Winner Entry)

    Post  maru!! on Thu May 13, 2010 9:11 am

    WOAH! ang ganda taka!!! HINDI ka mahilig sa sad endings no?? HINDI tlga e...hahahahaXD ganda...sorry taka, di q na natapos ung ginawa q e, intro lng tlga un..kawawa naman aq..hopeless
    FFWC Champion!
    FFWC Champion!

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    Re: Summer Dillema (FFWC #! Winner Entry)

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Fri May 14, 2010 1:06 am

    haha nangaasar ka no?! Laughing alam mo bang blangko ang utak ko ng sinusulat ko yan? ni wala ngang pinatunguhan yung kwento na yan eh! Laughing hindi naman kasi yan talaga sad.. sadyang hindi ko lang talaga alam kung papanu ko sya tatapusin at ipagpapatuloy kaya naging ganyan.. Laughing

    oo nga nu, hahaha ikaw kasi eh.. kaya nga one week ang tagal ng contest para makapag-isip ang lahat.. kaya mo yan.. may next time pa pare don't give up! Laughing lol!


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    Re: Summer Dillema (FFWC #! Winner Entry)

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