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    Let the Games Start!

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    Let the Games Start!

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:37 pm

    Now, before starting a new game, let's have our rules..

    For word games
    1.It wouldn't hurt to explain the flow of the game first. But, since it'a a word game, please make sure the words are NOT offending the others. Play nicely.

    Virtual Boardgames
    In this kind of games, please avoid any off topic discussions. It will distract some of the players and will consume space.

    1.Any kind of RPG's are accepted. Romance, action, etc. As long as the goal is good, it's fine. But first, the basics.

    ->OT:this means Off Topic. You can use this when you're saying something Out of topic, like maybe saying something why this and why that.

    ->SFX:this means Sound Effects. You may use this when you want to add sound in your RPG. It'll also add to the drama

    2.Please add an OOC & DISCUSSION THREAD separated from the ROLE PLAYING GAME THREAD. It'll help the others know where to post the RP and where the questions are answered.

    ->OOC:this is a thread where you may discuss, introduce, and change the rules of your RPG.

    With these in mind, may we have a fair play. Enjoy the games.

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