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    The "Member's Ranking"

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    FFWC Champion!

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    The "Member's Ranking"

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:46 am

    Yes! I have made a new update in our beloved forum! lol!

    As you can see, I have added a new bar in each member.
    (including me again)
    The bar is composed of a line of stars.
    This will be our Rankings.
    These bars will change when you have, let's say, leveled up as a member of the forums.
    They will tell you which rank you already are.
    The first rank is the Member which everyone is already in.
    The last rank is the
    champion rank
    and then I will ask you whether you want to level up again after that.

    with this, I bid everyone goodluck in leveling up.
    I hope you reach the top rank. lol!

    _ Taka.Taksi Like a Star @ heaven _


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