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    Posting guidelines

    Post  Taka.Taksi on Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:34 am

    Well, every Forums and websites has their Rules and Regulations.
    Here's our own..

    1.Be nice to everyone. Avoid saying bad words and unnecessary languages. As members of this Forum, it's our duty to keep things in order.

    2.Keep everything under PG13, there maybe visitors in our Forum whose underage so we must be very careful.

    3.Every post must contain atleast 15 characters each to maximize the Forum space. (characters will exclude the emoticons)

    4.Avoid posting in TXTSPK.. It's a forum, not a cellphone. And some people find it hard to read when letters are missing.
    [u qudnt lyk to read in dis way du u?]

    5.As much as some people hate TXTSPK, please avoid posting in AlTeRnAtE lAnGuAgE.
    [sOmE fInD iT aNnOyInG]

    6.Keep a friendly atmosphere for the benefit of the whole Forum.

    7.In posting pictures, pictures must not exceed the file size of 150kb and each post must contain only 2 pictures. If you must post more than this, you may post it as thumbnail to have a maximum of 5 thumbnails per post or you may post a link instead to be able to post a maximum of 10 links per post.

    8.The Signature per member must not also exceed the file size of 150kb and its dimension must not exceed 500x300.

    9.Each of us must also avoid spamming. Spamming occurs when a forumer posted something when the last post is his/hers. You may wait an exact 24 hours before posting again if no one else has posted yet or you may edit your post and add what you want to say there.

    10.Now, what will happen if someone broke the rules? To make it simple, each member who broke the rules will just recieve a private message from the Admin and Mods as warnings. Each member can only recieve 5 warnings and if he/she reached the limit, he/she will be banned from the forum for a certain amount of time and then will be given a last chance. If he/she does the rule-breaking again, he/she will be banned for good.

    11.If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in the forum.

    12.Just have fun and treat the forum as your second home!^^

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